Purely Pro Seed (Case of 10 x 1 Lb Pro Bags)

Purely Pro Seed is a seed inoculant and dipping solution for transplantation planting. With beneficial fungi and bacteria, as well as microbes and bio-char, Purely Pro Seed is an innovative and effective seed coat that is essential for soil health. The finely, micronized powder-blend coats seeds, and harmonizes with the plant’s root system, expanding the surface area and strengthening the root mass.

Promotes Germination & Increases Yields

  • Powerful Inoculant Accelerates Seed Germination
  • Promotes Immediate Uptake of Nutrients
  • Reduces or Eliminates Reliance on Conventional Inputs
  • Innovative Seed Coating with Beneficial Fungi & Bacteria

Purely Pro Seed is a seed inoculant and dipping solution for transplantation planting in professional and agricultural applications. The innovative seed coating features beneficial fungi and bacteria, as well as humic acids. Purely Pro Seed's effective, finely micronized, powder-blend coats seeds and provides significant advantages over more traditional products.

Versatile Seed Inoculant for Various Crops: Purely Pro Seed is ideal as a seed inoculant and dipping solution providing proven benefits to a a wide variety of crops including: Line Crops, Stone Fruits, Turf Grass, Vegetables, and Cereal Grains.

Encourages Strong, Healthy Plants: Beneficial fungi, bacteria, and microbes in Purely Pro Seed encourage healthy plants that can withstand disease, drought, pests and transplantation shock.

Enriched with Bio-Char: The finely micronized powder-blend of Purely Pro Seed is enhanced with bio-chart that coats seeds and harmonizes with the plant's root system, expanding the overall surface area, strengthening the root mass, and promoting healthier, more abundant plants.

As a Seed Inoculant: Purely Pro Seed is suitable for various crops including: Line Crops, Vegetables, Stone Fruits, Cereal Grains and Turf Grass

Crop Type Typical Application of Purely Pro Seed
Line Crops 1 Lb per 450 Lbs of Seed
Vegetables 1 Lb per 850 Lbs of Seed
Stone Fruits 1 Lb per 350 Lbs of Seed
Cereal Grains 1 Lb per 550 Lbs of Seed
Turf Grass 1 Lb per 250 Lbs of Seed

As a Transplant Dipping Solution: The typical rate of Purely Pro Seed in a transplant dipping solution is 1 Lb per 50 Gallons of water used in the solution.

Important Note: The instructions above are for use as a guide only. For complete instructions for use and safety precautions review the back of your product package and the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet.

Weight 1 Pound Bag (10 Bags Per Pro Case)
Typical Coverage Up to 850 Lbs. of Seed Per 1 Pound Bag
Derived From Potassium Humate
Non Plant Food Ingredients 3.8% Microbe Blend, 50% Humic Acids Derived from Sub-Biuminous Humate, 46.2% Total Inert Ingredients
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA.