Nemagard White Grub Control (OMRI Listed)

OMRI Listed Nemagard is a non-toxic, water soluble, white grub treatment for turf grass and lawns. It contains naturally occurring beneficial nematodes (Steinernema Scarabaei) that are highly effective against a wide range of White Grub species, including the Japanese Beetle, Oriental Beetle, European Chafer, Asiatic Beetle, and several May/June Beetle species. One 14 Ounce Pro Pack will treat up to 12,000 Square feet.

Highly Effective, Natural Grub Control

  • Non-toxic, Natural, White Grub Treatment
  • Live, Naturally Occurring, Beneficial Nematodes
  • Minimum 225 Million Steinernema Scarabaei
  • Effective Against a Wide Range of Grub Species

Protect lawns, grass and turf in your care from damage caused by white grubs and other insect pests -- and related animal digging -- with nature's best defense, beneficial "Steinernema Scarabaei" Nematodes. This 14 Ounce Nemagard Pro Pack is designed for lawn care and greens professionals.

Nature's Best Defense Against White Grubs: Nemagard contains beneficial "Steinernema Scarabaei" which are especially lethal against against white grubs, attacking all stages of the grub's life cycle including the hard-to-control third instar larvae stage.

Natural, Effective & Non-Toxic: Highly effective Nemagard sets a new standard for biological control of white grubs and other insects pests. With over 225 Million naturally occurring beneficial nematodes per package Nemagard is extremely effective while also being safe for use and non-toxic. With no dangerous chemicals or harsh ingredients Nemagard is safe for use in a wide variety of situations. No spray license is required for use.

No Need to Refrigerate: Nemagard can be stored at room temperature or up to 3 months and mixes easily into solution. Nemagard is effective in a wide range of soil conditions and in soil temperatures above 52 F.

Good For Your Business: With discounted prices from the box to the truck load Purely Organic Products Pro Packs are an economical solution for private and public sector greens professionals.

OMRI Listed for Organic Use: Purely Organic Nemagard White Grub Control is OMRI Listed and approved for use in all organic applications.

People & Pet Friendly: With no re-rentry restrictions after application, Nemagard is ideal public spaces like parks, playing fields, golf courses, municipal grounds, highways, and other corporate green spaces.

Alert: Prior to use remove all filters from the application equipment. Do not apply with pesticides.

Prepare: Mix entire contents of package with 4 Gal (15L) of cool water to form a solution, stirring occasionally to ensure thorough mixing; and then follow the typical application instructions below:

  • Backpack Sprayer: For each .5 Gal (2L) of solution, add 3.5 Gal (13 L) of water to treat 1,500 Sq Ft (140 Sq M). Repeat with rest of solution.
  • Boom Sprayer: Partly fill tank with water. Start agitator and keep running         until application is complete. Add solution. Fill remainder of tank with     required volume of water. Apply minimum 2 Gal (8L) per 1,000 Sq Ft (90 Sq M).

When to Apply: Apply mid-August to mid-October when soil temperatures are between 52°F / 12°C and 77°F / 25°C. For curative treatments apply in the Spring when soil temperatures allow. Apply during low light periods. Early mornings or evenings or cloudy sky conditions are best. Water the treated area directly after application with 1/8th inch (3mm) of water. Keep soil moist for up to two weeks after application for the nematodes to get established. Avoid applying to dry or over-saturated soil.

Important Note: The instructions above are for use as a guide only. For complete instructions for use and safety precautions review the back of your product package and the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet.

Is Nemagard Registered as an Organic Input Material in the State of California (CA-OIM)? No, California does not evaluate pesticides for organic certification. Nemagard is OMRI listed for organic use and can be used with organic crops in the state of California.

Is Nemgard registered with the EPA? Nemagard has not been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It qualifies as a Biological Control Agent (Nematodes) for exemption as per 40CFR152.20(a). 

Weight 14 Ounces (Discounted pricing available for larger quantities)
Form Clay-Like Semi-Liquid
Typical Coverage Up to 12,000 Square Feet
Derived From Steinernema Scarabaei (Min 225 Million Beneficial Nematodes), Diatomaceous Earth (Containing Less than 1% Quartz)
Country of Origin Canada
Packaging Zipper Bag Enclosed in Plastic Container (Refrigeration Recommended)