Purely Hydro Gel Adjuvant Wetting Agent (4.0 oz Pro Pack)

Purely Hydro is an innovative, fourth generation, smart polymer designed specifically for organic crops. Water-based Purely Hydro provides a single, cost effective solution for agricultural organizations requiring an innovative sticker, spreader, drift retardant, wetting agent and penetrant that helps improve crop yields while reducing fertilizer and chemical dependencies.

Delivers the Most In-Demand Functions

  • Sticker, Spreader, Drift Retardant & Wetting Agent
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Crop Use
  • Improves Treatment Effectiveness & Protects Plants
  • Reduces Dependency on Fertilizers & Chemicals

A Gel Adjuvant with Superpowers: Purely Hydro’s smart polymers bind securely with crop treatments, encapsulating them in a liquid gel, to improve treatment delivery and effectiveness, while increasing hydration, boosting drought tolerance and protecting against sunburn and frost.

Good For Your Business: With coverage of 4 ounces per acre, Purely Hydro is a cost effective, time saving solution that minimizes man hours while maximizing nutrient uptake and extending time between applications.

OMRI Listed & Safe: Purely Hydro is OMRI Listed for use on organic crops, and it’s non-toxic to animals. All Purely Hydro components are included on the EPA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) List. FDA (21 CFR 182)

Improves Treatment Effectiveness: Purely Hydro reduces drift during spray applications while improving sticker coverage. It prolongs active ingredient contact with plants and reduces runoff and groundwater contamination.

Reduces Environmental Impact: Purely Hydro traps water and moisture on targeted surfaces, reducing water requirements and delivery equipment needs including fuel and equipment wear-and-tear.

How Purely Hydro Works: Purely Hydro monomers form a polymer gel. When a third party active ingredient is added, the individual ingredient molecules are encapsulated within the larger Purely Hyrdro polymer structure.

Instructions For Use: Purely Hydro is a polymer-gel which, when placed into solution with water and mixed with appropriate fungicides, enhances wetting, adhesion, and facilitates redistribution with ambient moisture, thereby increasing protection during plant growth, resulting in a reduction of fungicide usage. Not for aquatic use. Product expires 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Important Note: The instructions above are for use as a guide only. For complete instructions for use and safety precautions review the back of your product package and the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet

Weight 4 Ounce Gel Pack (Discounted pricing up to the truckload available)
Typical Coverage 1 Gel Pack Per Acre
Principal Functioning Agent Polyacrylic Acid 2%, Constituents Ineffective as Spray Adjuvant 98%
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA.