Plant Food Solo Packs


Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs all-purpose plant food is a nutrient-rich, plant food that contains no harsh ingredients. Designed for use on indoor and outdoor flowers and plants, Solo Packs pre-measured, dissolvable packs make feeding your plants easy and convenient.

Whether you are growing an outdoor garden, or caring for indoor flowers and plants, Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs provide you with numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenient, Pre-Measured, Dissolvable Packs - A single dissolvable Solo Pack treats a full gallon of water, making measuring and watering hassle-free.
  • NO Harsh Ingredients.
  • Compact, Space-Saving - Say goodbye to lugging around and storing heavy plant food bags. Each Solo Packs, compact, space-saving, package contains 10 dissolvable packets and weighs less than one pound.
  • One Product, Multiple Uses - Feed plants and flowers, indoors and outdoors with one product.
  • Nourish Plants Throughout Your Home- - Now plants in your kitchen and throughout your home can receive the same beneficial nourishment as those outdoors. Solo Packs are ideal for use:
    » In the Kitchen- With no harsh ingredients, Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs are ideal for nourishing herb gardens, plants and flowers.
    » On Indoor Plants, Flowers and Trees Throughout the Home.
    » Christmas Trees- Add Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs to the water in your Christmas tree stand. Prolong the life of your Christmas tree, and keep the needles on the tree and off the floor.
    » Floral Arrangements- Add Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs to the water in your flower vases to keep flowers looking beautiful, longer.

The Advantages of Using Our Nutrient-Rich, Non-Manure Plant Food

Solo Packs all-purpose, plant food is specially formulated to nourish plants and flowers without harsh ingredients. Our plant food features numerous advantages, including:

  • 15% Nitrogen - The highest naturally-occurring Nitrogen content available in the marketplace.
  • No Phosphorus Added.
  • Plant Proteins - We use a naturally occurring, essential, protein-based amino acid.
  • Innovative Packaging - Maintains the freshness and efficacy of the product.
  • Proprietary Suspension and Disbursement System -Unlike other products, our dissolvable plant food packs go completely into suspension, ensuring even and effective delivery of the nutrients.

Directions for use

Add a single, dissolvable Solo Pack to any watering can and simply add water (up to 1 gallon). For best results, use every 7 to 14 days on all desired plants indoors and out.
Designed for use with a watering can or liquid delivery system.

Discover the Easy, Convenient Way to Nourish Your Plants and Flowers Without Harsh Ingredients. Buy Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs, now.