Weed & Feed Lawn Food 10-0-2 (15 Lbs - Covers 3,000 Sq Ft)

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Weed & Feed Lawn Food, from Purely Organic Products, is made with natural, plant based ingredients -- enhanced with botanical oils -- to help reduce existing weed infestations and prevent new ones. It also fertilizes to provide the nutrients needed for a lush, green lawn for you and your family. This 15 Pound bag covers up to 3,000 Square Feet of turf.

Kills Weeds & Promotes a Lush, Green Lawn

  • Feeds & Fertilizes Up to 8 Weeks
  • Helps Reduce & Prevent Common Weeds
  • Will Not Burn Your Lawn
  • Plant Based Formula with Botanical Oils
  • No Manure, No Biosolids = No Unpleasant Odors

Weed & Feed Lawn Food is made with natural, plant based ingredients -- enhanced with botanical oils -- to help prevent common weeds and reduce existing infestations. It also fertilizers to provide the nutrients needed for a lush, green lawn for you and your family. This 15 Pound bag covers up to 3,000 Square Feet of turf.

Rich in Nutrients: Purely Organic Products Weed & Feed Lawn Food is NPK rated 10-0-2 to promote thick, lush, green turf. It will feed your lawn for up to 8 weeks between applications.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer: In addition to being a top rated fertilizer, Weed & Feed Lawn Food is enhanced with botanical oils -- Clove Oil & Eugenol -- to help prevent common weeds and reduce existing infestations including dandelion, purslane (duckweed, little hogweed), chickweed, henbit deadnettle, thistle, plantain weed, curly dock (yellow dock), spotted spurge, speedwell, pineapple weed, ragweed, horsetail, and more.

Unlike fast acting spot treatments that can kill grass and neighboring plants, Weed & Feed Lawn Food works gently but effectively over 30-45 days to reduce existing weeds while feeding your lawn to thicken grass, strengthen root systems, cover bare spots, and prevent and crowd out future weed infestations.

Will Not Burn Your Lawn When Used as Directed: At Purely Organic Products we believe that plant and garden care products should be good for plants, and easy for gardeners too. Our Weed & Feed Lawn Food is made with natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals and mineral salts, so it won't burn or yellow your grass when used as directed. It is convenient with no restrictions on re-entry time (for pets or people) after application.

What to Put in It & What to Leave Out: One of the first decisions we made when developing our Weed & Feed Lawn Food was what NOT to put in it. With more than 30 years in the lawn care business we knew that many popular fertilizer products were made with harsh chemicals, manure and even bio-solids (organic materials resulting from the treatment of domestic sewage -- yes, you're reading that right).

We have picnics on our lawns, and our children and pets play on them, so we use natural, plant based ingredients to create our Lawn Food products.

No Added Phosphates: Purely Organic Products Weed & Feed Lawn Food is made without added phosphates so it meets and exceeds local environmental regulations limiting Phosphate usage in municipalities across the USA. 

This combination product is designed to feed your lawn while helping to reduce pre-existing common weeds and preventing new weed infestations. When used as directed, it will not harm established turf grass and lawns. Do not apply to newly seeded grass until it has had a chance to grow for at least 8-10 weeks with regular weekly mowings. DO NOT APPLY TO FOOD CROPS.

Choose the Right Day: For best results apply on a calm day when weeds are growing; and daytime temperatures are between 60-90º F on a consistent basis.

Prepare Your Lawn: Weed & Feed Lawn Food works best when grass is wet from dew or irrigation, not from rain, prior to application so the granules can adhere to growing weeds.

Set Your Spreader: Set your drop or rotary spreader to deliver fertilizer at a rate of 4-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. of grass. Individual spreader settings will vary; but common settings are listed below.

Spreader Type Setting
Earthway® & Similar Broadcast (Rotary) Spreaders 15.0
Scotts® Basic, Turf Builder® EdgeGuard®, LawnPro® & Similar Broadcast (Rotary) Spreaders 6.0
Scotts® EasyGreen® & Similar Broadcast (Rotary) Spreaders 26.0
Vigoro & Similar Broadcast (Rotary) Spreaders 5.0
Scotts® Turf Builder® Classic, EverGreen®, AccuGreen® & Similar Drop Spreaders 7.0
Click Here for Additional Lawn Food Fertilizer Spreader Settings  


Apply: Working back and forth in steady rows, apply Weed & Feed evenly across your entire lawn.

Clean Up for the Environment: Get the most out of your lawn care, and protect the environment, by sweeping excess or stray particles -- that land in the driveway, sidewalk or street -- back onto the lawn.

Activate: Water your lawn lightly after application to activate the fertilizer; and keep application areas moist, but not saturated, with additional watering over the next 3-4 days.

Give Weed & Feed Time to Work: Weed & Feed Lawn Food needs time to work! It may take 30-45 days for weeds to die out after application. For particularly bad infestations consider a second application of Weed & Feed Lawn Food after the first 30 days.

Success Tip: If your lawn has significant weed infestation before application, bare spots left by dead weeds may need to be overseeded after application. Use Purely Organic Products Turf Restore (or a similar product) to help restore your lawn.

Important Note: The instructions above are for use as a guide only. For complete instructions for use and safety precautions review the back of your product package and the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet.

A Well Fed Lawn is a Happy Lawn: Just like you, your lawn needs nutrient rich food to grow and flourish. We recommend feeding with one of our Lawn Food products about four times a year -- with the first feed in the early spring and the last in the late fall -- for a lush, healthy lawn.

Water Well & Often: Healthy, well fed, lawns are more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. Water your lawn every few days to provide approximately 1" of moisture (including rainfall) per week. (A typical sprinkler takes 3-4 hours to provide 1" of water.)

Mow Like a Pro: Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade of grass when mowing. During times of stress (for instance in the hot summer) keep grass longer to protect the plant. Leaving clippings on the lawn allows plant nutrients to recycle back to the soil. 

I Just Spread Weed & Feed on My Lawn; but the Weeds Aren't Dead? The botanical oils in Weed & Feed will NOT instantly kill weeds like some spot treatments (with harmful chemicals that can burn grass and other nearby plants at the same time as they're killing weeds). Instead they work naturally over the first 30-45 days to kill existing broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn to thicken grass, cover bare spots, and crowd out future infestations.

Does This Fertilizer Need to be Watered in After Application? For the best results you should water your lawn or turf lightly after application to activate the fertilizer. If rain is due within 2-3 days of application then the fertilizer can be left on the lawn until the rain activates it.

What is the N-P-K Ratio of This Product? Weed & Feed Lawn Food has an NPK Rating of 10-0-2 or 10% Nitrogen (N), 0% Phosphorus (P), and 2% Potassium (K).

Why Aren't There Any Phosphates (Phosphorus) in Your Lawn Food? Many states and local municipalities restrict or prohibit the application of Phosphates on lawns and turf; because of the negative environmental impact of excess phosphorus on local water quality, plant and animal life.

Can I Use a Handheld Spreader with Lawn Food? We recommend using a rolling broadcast or drop spreader with our products because they tend to provide more even and measurable coverage. If you're planning to use a hand held spreader we recommend applying 4-5 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn turf. (There are approximately 4 cups of fertilizer per pound.)

Can I use Lawn Food, Grub & Feed Lawn Food, Weed & Feed Lawn Food and/or Lawn Food with Crabgrass Defender at the same time?Each of the Lawn Food products from Purely Organic Products is designed to feed your lawn with 10-0-2 fertilizer. The three "combination products" will feed your lawn just like our original Lawn Food; but they're also specially enhanced with botanical oils to naturally help eliminate common problems like weeds, crabgrass or grubs.

  • Lawn Food: Apply about 4-5 times per year about 6-8 weeks apart. For more information about when to feed, download our Lush Lawn Guide.
  • Lawn Food with Crabgrass Defender: If you've had problems with Crabgrass infestations in the past, replace your first Lawn Food application each year with Lawn Food with Crabgrass Defender. For added control, consider an application of Weed & Feed Lawn Food 30 days after your Lawn Food with Crabgrass Defender application.
  • Weed & Feed Lawn Food: If you have common summer weeds (like dandelions, purslane, chickweed, thistle, ragweed, etc) replace your regular Lawn Food applications with Weed & Feed Lawn Food. If Weeds are particularly bad, shorten application times to every 4-6 weeks for extra weed control and lawn boosting power.
  • Grub & Feed Lawn Food: If you've had problems with grubs, or other sub-surface pests, in the past; replace your first summer Lawn Food application (usually in July) with Grub & Feed Lawn Food; and then follow up with an additional application of Grub & Feed Lawn Food 30 days later.
UPC Code 856143003510
Weight 15 Pounds (Discounted pricing up to the truckload available)
Form Granular
Typical Coverage Up to 3,000 Square Feet
NPK 10-0-2 (10% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus, 2% Potassium)
Derived From Corn Gluten Meal, Urea, Potassium Acetate.
Active Ingredients Clove Oil, Eugenol, Inert Ingredients (Corn Gluten Meal, Urea, Potassium Acetate, Water, Soap, Soybean Flour, Wintergreen Oil, Cottonseed Meal)
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA.
Packaging Recyclable Plastic Bag