About Us

Purely Organic Products LLC was founded as a product development, manufacturing and distribution business serving customers for its organic fertilizer, soil enhancement and plant management products. For the past ten years, we have developed new products in association with agronomists, manufacturing partners and raw material suppliers who currently serve as a network supporting our product development and marketing efforts.

Ingredients for some of our fertilizers are derived from refined plant based waste blended into marketable, effective and competitively priced certified organic soil treatments.

We apply manufacturing techniques employed in the food processing industry to create homogenized, odor-free, granulated and liquid fertilizers with an N-P-K content suitable for commercial, retail and agricultural markets. As a result, the Company has become one of the most advanced manufacturers and suppliers of non-manure-based organic fertilizers and soil enhancement products in the U.S.

What We Do
We are residue specialists who focus on finding protein and raw material sources that can be adapted into new and unique products for use as fertilizers and bio-stimulants in the Agricultural, Professional and Retail Markets. We also specialize in developing harsh-ingredient-free alternatives to traditional pesticides.

Customers find our products unique and compare them favorably with competing products. Our customers report results of superior turf and lawn care growth, fewer weeds, increased crop yields and improved plant resistance to fungi and other environmental stresses. In addition, we keep our product prices at a competitive level that enables our distributors to earn a reasonable margin on sales and provide product support to customers.

Our product development process begins with a requirement that its ingredients are commercially available in sufficient quantities to meet large scale demand, that they be produced at a consistent level of quality as well as offer competitive advantages over competing alternative products. We then privately screen and test the products for chemical content, produce a product tear sheet identifying lab results and other data, and test them in our own growth trials. If results are positive, we will go to the next level of product testing with a selected group of growers of various crops. A successful field trial will lead to further steps to develop the market, have the product organically certified and introduce it to the market.

How We Do It
We accomplish our goal of providing superior quality products by actively seeking out new, and sometimes never before utilized raw materials that can be used as natural/organic replacements for traditional fertilizers, soil amendments and pesticides. We can also take industry standard tools and adapt them to be used/transported/applied in new ways that can dramatically decrease our customers long-term costs while providing them with the benefits of natural and organic products.

We are able to spray dry liquid products into a soluble powder usually equal to 10% of the original weight which enables us to ship our powdered products over longer distances at reduced costs to be blended with water on site by the growers. Products are spreadable through standard spray, fertigation and irrigation equipment. Their natural ingredients strengthen the plants and reduce their need for pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.