Lawn Food 10-0-2 (40 Pound Pro Pack)


Discover the game changing professional fertilizer from Purely Organic Products. Granular Lawn Food Pro Packs feature patented plant-based proteins with no manure or bio-solids, no phosphorus, and no re-entry restrictions. Whatever your turf management needs, Lawn Food Pro Packs are the ideal eco-conscious option.

Lawn Food is Good For Your Business

  • Will Not Burn Your Grass
  • Plant Based Formula with Distillers Grains & Soy
  • Meets Town & Municipality Regulations for No Phosphates
  • No Manure, No Biosolids = No Unpleasant Odors
  • Convenient Granular Application, People & Pet Friendly

Purely Organic Products LLC Lawn Food is made of natural ingredients, like distillers grains and soy; and it's specially formulated to provide the nutrients needed to promote a lush, green lawn for you and your family. This 40 Pound Pro Pack is designed for lawn care and greens professionals.

No Manure, No Bio-Solids, No Harsh Chemicals: Purely Organic Products Lawn Food is derived from distillers dried grains and soy so there are no unpleasant smells, and no harsh chemicals, to worry about.

Rich in Nutrients: With an NPK rating of 10-0-2 Lawn Food feeds the soil, encouraging a vigorous root base and promoting thick, lush, green turf.

Will Not Burn Your Grass: Lawn Food has no added Phosphates so it meets town and municipality regulations protecting ground water and the environment.

People & Pet Friendly: With no re-rentry restrictions after application, Lawn Food is ideal for heavy use areas like parks, playing fields, golf courses, municipal grounds, highways, and other corporate green spaces.

Convenient Application: Granular Lawn Food spreads easily and evenly with standard equipment at a typical rate of 5-8 Pounds per 1,000 Square Feet.

Good For Your Business: With discounted prices from the bag to the truck load Purely Organic Products Lawn Food Pro Packs are an economical solution for private and public sector greens professionals.

Weight 40 Pounds (Discounted pricing up to the truckload available)
Form Granular
Typical Coverage Up to 7,000 Square Feet (Recommended 5-8 Lbs / 1000 Square Feet)
NPK 10-0-2 (10% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus, 2% Potassium)
Derived From Soybean Meal, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride and Distillers Dried Grains.
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA.
Sales Sheet Lawn Food 10-0-2 (40 Pound Pro Pack) Sales Sheet PDF
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Safety Data Sheet Lawn Food 10-0-2 Safety Data Sheet PDF
Packaging Recyclable Plastic Bag