Pure Defense Weed Shield Concentrate (Case of 2 x 2.5 Gallon Pro Packs)


Eliminate Weeds from Your Fields- Without Harming Grass and Without Harsh Ingredients

Purely Organic Products, LLC Weed Shield kills and prevents weeds from forming, without harsh ingredients. Boasting a botanical oil blend, Weed Shield is effective on broadleaf weeds and won’t harm grass. The selective, fast-acting formula delivers visible results within hours.*

Put a Proven, Effective Product to Work for You

Weed Shield enables you to rid your fields of weeds, without relying on harsh ingredients. Weed Shield features significant advantages, including:

  • No Harsh Ingredients
  • Effective on Broadleaf Weeds*
  • Botanical Oil Blend
  • Fast-Acting- Visible Results Within Hours*
  • For Use on Grass and Turf Only
  • Selective- Treats Weeds, Won’t Harm Grass
  • Ideal for Turf Management Programs that Do Not Utilize Harsh Ingredients

Directions for Use:

Use as a spot treatment for weeds. Ensure thorough wetting and complete coverage on all unwanted vegetation. For best results, apply to weeds during early periods of growth, during warm, dry weather. Do not apply during windy conditions. Results will be visible within hours. The speed at which this product works is impacted by climate conditions.

For use on grass and turf only.

*When used as directed.